Programming Yarn Npm

package.json # resolutions field # yarn specific Allows you to force the use of a particular version for a nested dependency. e.g.: "devDependencies": { "@angular/cli": "1.0.3", "typescript": "2.3.2" } yarn.lock will contain: "typescript@>=2.0.0 <2.3.0": version "2.2.2" resolved "" typescript@2.3.2: version "2.3.2" resolved "" and within node_modules you’d see: typescript@2.3.2 in node_modules/typescript typescript@2.2.2 in node_modules/@angular/cli/node_modules. Because TS@2.2.2 is nested within @angular/cli it is impossilbe to force the use of TS@2. ...

Artificial Neural Network

Machine-Learning Programming

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Layers All learning occurs in the layers. In the image, below, there are three layers, but there could be only one, or many more. In the example image the first layer is known as the Input Layer, the second the Hidden Layer, and the third the Output Layer. In a 3+ layered ANN, any layer that is not the input/output layer is a Hidden Layer. ...

The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Programming Book

Chapter 1 Predicates/Expressions Functions v. Procedures or Imperative v. Declarative Chapter 1 # Predicates/Expressions # Taking the following Lisp code: (defun abs (x) (cond ((> x 0) x) ((= x 0) 0) ((< x 0) (- x)))) which simply calculates the absolute value of a number, we see within the cond (conditional) three “clauses”. These parenthesized pairs (clauses) are formed of “predicates” and “expressions”, respectively. ...