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Your post on {technology x} is garbage: A Rant

I'm trying to rebuild something for my new job which I built in JavaScript at my previous job. Only this time I'm building it in Rust. Long stack-story short, it's a Slack/GitHub integration bot that keeps the team updated of pull requests on their repos. I find it does a good job of getting a lot of eyes on a codebase. Plus, it's fun to write. Yeah. I know they exist and I don't care. I want to build it myself. Trust me, this one is more to the point.

I've done it in JS, now I want to actually build something useful in Rust beyond my usual pipe dreams...unusable...pointless...experiments.

So, my problem in this case is interfacing with a Postgres instance. I'm using Diesel as I've had some success with that as a GraphQL server for another...example...I've built. I'll need to be doing some SQL joins and I cannot find a concrete example (well, up until 10 minutes ago in a nested file in their repo). Okay, maybe it's my fault for not digging through the repo/docs enough. In any case, after I read the guides on the Diesel page I went scouring my DDG search results for a pair of shoulders to stand on. Okay...I see a lot of posts about Rust/Diesel, good. Lemme just start reading through them...

Hmmm, this example seems really familiar...

Wait a minute, this is the exact example from the Diesel page. Ugh. Disgust. Lemme check the next result down...nope. Same problem.

Rant. Begin.---

I don't want to put anyone on blast and I'm guilty of it as well (so meta). But please for the love of ever-holy God:


What is helpful, and what I love about the development community, in general, is its helpfulness. I love that I can think of something fun to build and someone will probably have done something similar to a piece of my puzzle that I can look to for perspectives past what the official documentation teaches me. I love that I can spam a Discord/IRC channel with questions and people want to answer them.

What is not helpful is someone spewing copy/paste, search result-muddying trash into the technical blogosphere to score internet points.

Do you want to write a helpful blog post on something? Here's a rubric for how you can shine and be helpful. You can even use the same example code:

              Set up their example
                 (Did it work?)      
                   /         \
                Yes           No
                /              \
         Can you think of     Get it running and
         a _more_ complex     write about the
         or _different_       problems you faced.
           /     \
         Yes      No
         /         \
     WRITE!       DON'T WRITE!

---Rant. End.

Note: I am not complaining about authors who use the same example code in their blog, but rephrase things in different language to explain what's going on. I'm ranting against the numerous posts I've seen over the last week that provide nothing new to the dissemination of knowledge.