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Tags # Search tags: SPC n m or SPC o a m Add tag: SPC m q Links # Insert link: SPC m l l File links have the structure [[file:relative_link_to_file][some_title]​] To link to a specific heading in a file ​[[file:relative_link::header title][some_title]] header title can have spaces in it, e.g. relative_link.org::A Heading in a file External (web) links have the structure [​[full_url][some_title]​] To see the link (so you can more easily edit it): SPC m l t To store a link to the current file/headline you’re in: SPC n l and to “paste” that stored link: SPC m l l (Return) TODOs # See todo list (all entries): SPC o a t or SPC n t Insert todo within current section (subheading): SPC m i t Change state of todo: SPC m t (a menu will popup, d to change to done) Blocks # insert code block SPC m i c insert quote block SPC m i q Zero-width character # To escape the normal org-mode syntax (to show something like the file links above) C-x 8 RET (search for ZERO WIDTH CHARACTER) RET Motion # To fuzzy search/goto section C-c C-j (start typing) Up to previous heading C-c C-p Down to next heading C-c C-n Timestamps # Inactive (doesn’t show up on the Agenda) SPC m d T If you simply do the above and just type in a time, e. ...

Emacs Notes


Emacs notes (doom emacs) Org # handy cheatsheet: https://orgmode.org/orgcard.pdf To get a TODO item created on the same level as the one in which you’re working (org-insert-todo-heading) Add tag: To add a tag to a heading (* line) SPC m q (or C-c C-q) then type the tag name, should appear in gray Tag search: To search all the tags: SPC o a m ...