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Dual Space

November 12, 2020
Linear-Algebra Math

The space of all linear functionals \(f:V\rightarrow \mathbb{R}\), noted as \(V^{*}\) The dual space has the same …


October 29, 2020

The bubble, created by the Sun’s plasma (see Solar Wind), which encompasses the Sun itself. Outside of this …

Kronecker Delta

October 29, 2020

\begin{equation} \delta_{ij}= \begin{cases} 0 & \text{if i \(\neq\) j}\\\ 1 & \text{if i \(=\) j} \end{cases} …


October 29, 2020
Linear-Algebra Math

a basis for an n-dimensional vector space \(V\) is any ordered set of linearly independent vectors \((\mathbf{e}_{1}, …

Identity Matrix

October 27, 2020
Linear-Algebra Math

\begin{equation} \mathbf{I}(\mathbf{X})=\mathbf{X} \end{equation} Where any \(nxn\) matrix is established via the …